The Webcams

There are 5 webcam positions around the course: Horning, Acle, Hickling, Martham and Potter Heigham. 

4 Marks

There are 4 marks situated around the course: South Walsham, Ludham Bridge, Lower Bure and Hickling. These can be rounded in any order.

The bridges

The bridges at Potter Heigham and Acle require competitors to lower their masts, making a fantastic show for spectators.

The map also shows the position of our webcams


10 guardships

There are 10 volunteer run guardships on our course which competitors must report to during the race. These reports go back to base and are logged to ensure the safety of all competitors.

Start / Finish

The race starts and finishes at Horning Sailing Club. Starts are scheduled to begin from 11am. It takes over an hour to get all the competitors started on the race!

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